Manufacturing Engineering

Our Technical office, leveraging powerful, up-to-date software (and leveraging the long experience of I.L.M.), is also able to provide a valuable support to the customer.

From simple mold design to 3D modeling, without necessarily entrusting us with the realization of machining.

With the use of CAD-CAM software, machining or milling of complex surfaces or less, as well as mechanical and serial individual machining, on order and customer drawing.

Partnership with our customers

As a result of outsourcing policy strategically operated by many companies, products are often required first as prototypes. These are, therefore, subject to modifications and project variations during their implementation.

ILM is made available to work in contact with the customer’s design area, operating in the logic of Concurrent Engineering.

This treatment is devoted to particulars of some importance, which are expected to be an order of medium series in the medium to long term. Lastly, there is a wide range of products classifiable as repetitive series of which the company manages batches monthly.