We work in mechanicals from over 30 years updating always our process technology, growing productivity and reducing costs.

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High quality Controls

I.L.M. carry out controls with issuance of the relevant certificates. All the details have a dedicated test card that shows critical checkpoints that are subject to control. Also I.L.M. follow efficiency and accuracy of the three-dimensional machine and all measuring instruments are periodically verified and documented.

The critical odds and the control frequency required for each particular product are also indicated. This allows us to monitor the most critical stages and dimensions of production on board.

Dedicated tests are built specifically for specific equipment. For all particular products, I.L.M. S.r.L guarantees the “paper” certification of all materials used and any additional works, such as the required thermal and surface treatments. I.L.M. It also employs well-known external analysis laboratories for physical and metallurgical controls.